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Preventative maintenance is less costly than tubing failure

EMI Pipe Inspection

The pipe is subjected to three electronic inspection functions with just one pass through the machine

Magnetic wall loss detection is a nondestructive method which uses a magnetic field to locate areas of the pipe body wall which are thinner than the expected wall thickness

•  Capable of Testing 2 3/8 & 2 7/8 Tubing

•  PC Based eclectronic system with digital “Real Time” data  


•  Compact inspection heads

•  Solid State Wall Mounting (No Gamma Radiation)

•  Exclusive “TFD” Solid State 3-Dimensional Flaw Detection

•  Split-Check Longitudinal Split Detection

•  Cordless Remote Calibration Device

•  Improved Higher Pulling Speeds

•  “Well Profile” and Custom Inspection Report for continuous

    Well Management

•  Each System designed and built for Rig Floor application with  maximum safety in mind